Monday, July 15, 2013

The Soup Meets Good Day NY

Left to right: Scotto, McHale, and Kelly (Source: Good Day NY FB page)
If you have ever watched The Soup on E!, you know that one of Joel McHale's favorite targets is Greg Kelly, the candid, comedic, and sometimes clumsy host of Good Day NY. Whether spilling a large drink on his co-host (Rosanna Scotto), hitting her in the head with a hula hoop, or interjecting one of his many non sequiturs, Greg is one of the funniest and most unpredictable morning talk show hosts today. So this morning, when McHale visited Good Day NY to promote his upcoming movie and Klondike bars, you'd expect to see Kelly provide a little payback. But aside from an illustration that depicts Joel as a large monkey, it was quite civil. At the end, they both thanked each other for the reciprocal publicity their shows provided.

So does that mean there's no such thing as bad publicity? Absolutely not. But often, if you embrace who you are and don't take yourself too seriously, you'll connect more with people and reap the rewards.

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